Ludum Dare 30 – Get Connected


Hi Commandant, you infiltrated the enemy prison ship. You can’t move but you have the capacity to hack connexions. First step, get out of your cell! Be careful.


GET CONNECTED — Game created in 72 hours for the 30th Ludum Dare.

Ludum Dare is a regular accelerated game development Event. Participants develop games from scratch in a weekend, based on a theme suggested by community.
The Ludum Dare 30  theme was “CONNECTED WORLDS”.


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I wrote a complete POST-MORTEM about my GET Connected‘ game before the end of the challenge, in september 2014 as a reminder. I share it with you:


As I previously said on my Entry page, I’m more a 2D designer than a developer. The 8 last years, I tried to lead apart my job (2D designer in a video game studio) about ten small game projects. Each time, I was able to create lots of assets and original visual identities but unable to achieve them because of my lake of development skills. Moreover, I never found a motivated and faithful developer to help me. The only “success” I had is the game we made with my mates from Turbodindon for the 26th Ludum “Mustache Armies” (big-up to them).
They weren’t available for this Ludum but I still wanted to participate. My main goal was to achieve a well-polished game, as a good prototype with potential.


So I decided to use the only programming language I learnt from my old web studies: the Flash ActionScript 2 (it’s an almost obsolete dead-language). I don’t practice “true” development; I only used the software timeline with simple codes, variables and functions. Moreover, Flash is very powerful for simple interactions, vector art, animations and user interface.

— GAMEPLAY : Point and Click.

As my AS2 skills are limited and I wanted to make a well-polished game, I chose to design a Point and Click gameplay, the only kind of game I was confident with for a short time challenge (this is my fourth Ludum experience, first in solo). At the moment, I’m not able to design dynamic games as arcade games with hits and collisions. This was my main constraint, my context of work.


At first, I wasn’t inspired by the theme. Finally, I found an axe of reflexion : the social medias and technologies, with communication and connexions between individuals. I focused on the risks involved by exposing our privacies using the technologies. In my game, the main character, you, can solve his problems only by hacking and traveling through the connected networks and objects to penetrate other characters privacies.


As I said, I wasn’t able to design an arcade game with a dynamic character. This is why I chose to make a story that takes place in a kind of prison. I’m fond of science-fiction worlds, as