BOX Stories


BOX Stories is a collective which creates original audiovisual and/or interactive content based on the BOX world.


The stories, with no dialogs, take place in a cubic and/or isometric environment which reminds the structure of either pixels, 3D or even video games. This project is quite unusual with a real and serious aesthetic and stylization research, creative mise-en-scène and a tailor-made sound-designs and music.

The graphics are optimized for animation, video games, transmedia content, institutional and/or schematic illustrations.


BOX Office | All isometric assets, created with Flash .
BOX Office | All isometric emotes, created with Flash .
BOX Office | What if ANKAMA Studio was in cubes : cafeteria .
BOX Office | Trainees Zone .
BOX Office | Tribute to Ghost in the Shell Tachikomas .
BOX Office | Tribute to the Mass Effect Normandy Spaceship .
BOX Office | Tribute to the Star Wars Dark Star .


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